Videography, Illustration & Motion


The look and feel of your video is key to an authentic connection with your audience. With a 6 year history in documentary story telling and years of television experience. We have the tools to tailor make you a video ranging from cinematic to hand held skate video.

Motion Graphics
One of the hallmarks of our skill set, motion graphics allow us to bring anything you can imagine to life. The hand is important to us in this process. We start with hand drawn ideas and develop them into a world and experience.

Branding should seem effortless and stand the test of time. Our team will create an attention grabbing and tailor made identity for your brand. 

We've been illustrating since elementary school. With backgrounds in painting, drawing, screen print and a little typography we will create imagery that can compel, inspirer, and captivate. 


Nuge stands for "New Generation" and our logo, The upside-down crown symbolizes a new way of thinking. It's a shorthand for empowerment. Let creativity rule. We are the stories that we tell and our world reflects our ideas.




Columbus, OH